5 ways to find ideas for logo creation

Creating a logo is one of the most important parts of branding process, so it has to be creative and recognisable among the others one.

To find inspiration for creation a logotype, designers tried different ways, but there are 5 the most widely used, that can really help.

Go outdoors and look for inspiration in nature.

Nature is full of ideas to create a logo, for example logos of famous companies like Twitter and Apple were created by nature inspiration.

Look through vintage arts and books of popular designers.

One of the best inspiration resources is Meggs’ History of Graphic Design, created by Philip B. Meggs.

Look at pictures, drawn by children.

Designers look at creation of logos from the professional point of view, they are worried about pixels and vectors, but looking at kids’ drawing it’s seen that they are full of creativity and simplicity, that can inspire everyone.

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