What designers shouldn’t do?

Each designer makes mistakes during his work and it’s absolutely normal, all of us are humans, but there is a list of that thing, designers must not to do at all, if they want to reach the success in field of their creation. The first and the main rule for everyone is that it’s forbidden […]

3 tools to help designers

To become a successful designer it’s really important to arrange time and be well organised. Nowadays there are many tools, which can make designer’s work easier and faster, so it’s necessary to know and use them. Fontself There are many apps, which help with creation fonts, but Fontself is one of the best of them. […]

5 ways to find ideas for logo creation

Creating a logo is one of the most important parts of branding process, so it has to be creative and recognisable among the others one. To find inspiration for creation a logotype, designers tried different ways, but there are 5 the most widely used, that can really help. Go outdoors and look for inspiration in […]

Top 3 holidays for designers

Each worker has his professional day, when he has a holiday, but not everyone knows that designers have even a couple holidays, which they should celebrate. World Wide Web Day It’s celebrated on the first of August and is a holiday for many people, because it’s difficult to find a person, who doesn’t use web […]

Fun facts in logo design

The design of logotypes is very difficult and serious process, but it doesn’t mean that there are no fun facts in this sphere of creation. The importance of a good logotype is proved by many design agencies and companies. Looking at examples of funny creations it’s obvious that designers made too many mistakes, because of […]